Brian is currently renovating our basement, which is where my study is located. I still write down here in the evenings and sit in a cozy corner that Brian has set up for me with everything I need (bookshelves, printer, paper, etc.) close at hand.

Over the past two evenings, instead of putting Henriette (our resident Rhode Island Red chicken) to bed after supper in her comfortable hay-filled crate here the basement, I decided to keep her out a little longer. She wandered around for a while (she is familiar with the entire cabin) and then came over to where I work. She effortlessly hopped up onto my desk and sat on a towel that I happened to have here, making all kinds of movements to get herself comfortable. Over the next few hours she watched my fingers typing with great interest, made sympathetic noises whenever I spoke to her, and eventually dozed off. This evening she did it again—and is sitting here as I write this (and I just took this photograph).

I must say that I am really enjoying her company. She is a sweet girl and a calm, thoughtful writing companion.



I’ve read somewhere that most people know what their life passion—and purpose—is by age seven or eight. When I was eight years old, I discovered the pleasures of reading and writing and wrote my first book, “Suzie the Wild Dog”. It was a story about a dog who runs away from home, had a baby (Buttons), and lived happily in the forest with a small group of friendly wild animals. Funny, 38 years later it actually sounds like how my life turned out (so far).

In my life’s chain of events nothing was accidental. Everything happened according to an inner need. ~Hannah Sesesh


Since then I’ve known I wanted to be a writer but took the long, winding, scenic route to finally get here. I’ve worked as a waitress, cashier, chambermaid at a fly-in-fishing camp in northern Manitoba—as well as in Banff, tree planter in Ontario, cleaner and dog sledding assistant in the Arctic, telemarketer, cook and machine transporter at a logging camp, landscaper, organic gardener, laboratory assistant, bagel baker, assistant cabinetmaker at a fine furniture shop, cook at a ski lodge, docent at both a museum and a major art gallery, book seller, tutor, teaching assistant, research assistant, graduate student, teacher, program coordinator, program manager, and government intern.


Throughout this time I have been writing in one way or another. Journaling, personal letters, essays, plays, poetry, prose, and other works filled my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. In my career as an educator, I have written articles, published a monthly newsletter, developed resources and curricula, and shared my short stories with my students.


My dream—always—was to be a full-time writer. In my mid-to-late thirties, after a ‘wake-up call’ with my health, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer. I ‘ran away from home’, moved back to the country, finished my Masters thesis, and had a child (at 42 years of age). When Chayton turned four, I knew it was finally time to get back to work, this time for myself, for fun.


For each of us there is a deeply personal dream waiting to be discovered and fulfilled. When we cherish our dream and then invest love, creative energy, perseverance and passion in ourselves, we will achieve an authentic success. ~Breathnach

This is the first time in my life that I have given my writing the driver’s seat. As a lover of nature, and now a homeschooling mother, there are so many wondrous things to explore, learn, and share with you. I look forward to this next chapter in my life, and I look forward to the dialogue with you, dear reader.